Creating a user

Creating user is very simple: go to the register page, enter your email, password and you are all set! You will need to confirm the email you specify in order to activate your account.

Deleting your user

In order to delete your user, you need to delete all existing projects first. Once you deleted all your projects, you can delete your user account.

Note that once the user is deleted, there is no way to recover your data from our database.

Integration with Github and Gitlab

You can link your account with github/gitlab so that you can easily integrate them on our platform. This can be done in your user preferences by linking your github/gitlab profile. We use oauth2 authentication to get an access token and read the list of repositories of your profile. If you want to revoke the access, you need to do it in your github/gitlab account.


Basic User

  • Number of max projects: 5
  • Max slocs: 100k

Silver User

  • Number of max projects: 10
  • Max slocs: 300k

Gold User

  • Number of max projects: 50
  • Max slocs: 1M

Common known problems

Email you use to register no longer exists

If the email you enter no longer exists, you will need to create an account with your actual email. Follow the registration procedure with the email account that works.

I did not receive the registration email

Check your spam folder. If you still experience the issue, contact us from your signup email.

I lost my password

Just visit the recover password page.