Creating a project

When you create a project, you need to specify a name. Note that this name cannot change. You can edit the description later.

Adding a repository to a project

When you add a repository, you need to specify the name of the repository (that is an identifier) as well as the repository URL.

Private repository (that requires login/password) are only available to paying members.

Adding a new user to a project

Adding a user to a project allows him to view the project.

There are several permissions for a user on a project:

  • Read: the user can read the analysis result and view any data related to the project.
  • Admin: the user can add other users and modify the project (change its repository, generate API keys, etc)

Receiving notification of analysis completion

You can receive notification when an analysis is done. By default, only the project owner receives notification. You can add any other email in the project preferences.

Note that the email will need to be confirmed later in order to receive notifications.

Deleting a project

Deleting the project is very simple: in your project preferences, see the Delete Project section. From there, you go to a page where you need to enter the project name again to confirm the deletion (in order to avoid any mistake).

Common known problems

Invalid project name

The project name (its identifier) should be only with letters, numbers and the dash (‘-‘) symbols.

Cannot analyze project

Depending on your membership level (basic, silver, gold), there are some analysis restrictions:

  • basic accounts can analyze projects up to 100K lines
  • silver accounts can analyze projects up to 300K lines
  • gold accounts can analyze projects up to 1M lines

If your project cannot be analyzed, you might be going up these limits. Note that these limits applies only to analyzable code (code for languages we support), not for the whole codebase.