Do you keep my credit card in your database?

No, all your payments information are handled by stripe. We do not keep any financial information on our website.

Why do you ask for the address on the payment method page?

Because the address needs to match the credit card owner.

Where invoices are sent?

Invoices are sent to the email you provide in the payment information. That can be different from the email of your account.

How the payment will appear on my statement?

On your statement, you will see a charge labelled CODE INSPECTOR SUB (that stand for coding inspector subscription).

How invoices are sent?

Invoices are sent under the name xcoding labs LLC, the company that develops

What happens when I change my membership

If you cancel your membership and come back to the basic plan, there will be no refund and you will immediately come back to the basic plan.

If you upgrade or downgrade, there will be a pro-ration that will happen.