What languages are supported?

Java, Javascript, C, C++, Go, Ruby, Python, PHP, Scala, shellscript, Typescript.

Do you want your favorite language to be supported? Drop us a line!

When I import the projects on github, only some of them are added. What is wrong?

If not all your repositories are being added, this is very likely you are hitting the limits of the number of projects for your account. See user documentation for more information.

I got false positives in my violations, what should I do?

Sometimes, you can notice there a violation is a false positive. You would like to avoid having as many false positive as possible. In order to improve the engine, we added a feature where you can report a false positive.

When looking at the violations, click on the Action button and report a False postive.

We use this information to continously improve the analysis engine. Reporting them increases the changes to have it removed.

How long do you keep the code on your servers?

We keep the code only during the analysis. We automatically delete it afterwards. We copy the section that are relevant to our analysis in the database and it is limited to the section of code you can see in the duplicates section.

What personal information do you keep on your server?

We only keep your username and profile. We do not sell any data related to your code. Our model is based on a pay per use basic: you pay for a product we hope you enjoy and do not try to sell any other data. Note that we use google analytics to track visitors on the platform.

How do you process payments?

We process payment with Stripe, which keeps all your credit card information on their servers. We do not keep any financial information on our servers.

How do you use my data?

We solely use the data for code analysis purposes. We do not sell the data to any third party vendor.

I got a lot of false positive for javascript related to the ES version

You can set up the ES version in the advanced preferences. To set it up:

1 - Go to the project preferences and click on Advanced Preferences

Going to advanced preferences

2 - Set the ESVERSION parameter to the version you need.

Setting the ES version