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Codiga Create Project Documentation

Creating Projects for GitHub users

If you are a GitHub user, all projects are being created using our GitHub App. In order to add or remove a project, you need to specify the projects to be analyzed on the GitHub App configuration.

To access to the GitHub app configuration, select Manage GitHub App under your My Profile option, as shown below.

Manage GitHub App menu entry

Create Projects for regular Gitlab and Bitbucket accounts

Step 1: Type and name

Repository Type and Name

The first step is to specify the type and name of the project:

  • Type: a project can be either an individual or a group project. An individual project means that only you can access the project. On the other hand, a group project can be accessed by all members of the group.
  • Name: use an alphanumeric name for your project. This name will be used to distinguish your project.

Step 2: Repository Provider

The second step is to choose the repository provider. You can either use a repository from a popular provider (e.g. GitHub, Gitlab or Bitbucket) or specify a custom URL. If you want to use a repository from a provider, you need to either login using this provider or the link to your Codiga account with this provider. You can link your account going to your user preferences page.

Note that when using a provider, you will get additional features such as displaying the file content on the Analysis view.

Repository Provider

Step 3: Repository URL

Finally, select the repository you want to use. When using a repository from a provider, you have to select the repository from a list. If no repository is available, make sure you correctly linked your account with this provider.

If you decided to just specify a URL, enter the clone URL in the textfield.

Once you enter the repository URL, the analysis results will be available in just few minutes.

Repository URL