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Codiga Create Group Documentation

Note: creating a group is optional. You only need one if you want to share your projects with other users. If you are creating a project for yourself, you can safely skip this step.

What is a group?

A group assembles users together so that they can share projects together.

Note: GitHub users cannot create group. For more information, read the GitHub integration guide.

Create a group

Once logged, click on the menu item Group and select New Group.

Manage GitHub App menu entry

Enter your group name and validate. You can see the group on the left sidebar.

Adding user to the group

To add an user to a group, first go to the group preferences. Then, click in the form to add an user, enter this user identifier and assign permissions:

  • Read-only: can access to the group projects and read the data but cannot do any modification (such as adding other users, deleting projects, etc.)
  • Administrator: can add new users, delete projects and have the same rights as the group owner.

Note: you can only add regular user in a group.

Add user

Once the user is added, you should see them immediately as active users (members) of the group, as shown below.

User added