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Code Snippets for all JetBrains IDEs


The JetBrains plugin is compatible with all JetBrains products: IntelliJ, PHPStorm, CLion, PyCharm, etc.

You can see all compatible product directly on the Jetbrains marketplace.

How to get the JetBrains extension

You can get it directly from the Jetbrains marketplace within any Jetbrains product. Search for Codiga and it will appear.

Jetbrains extension

The extension is available on the Jetbrains Marketplace

Using a code snippet

You can search and use code snippet by triggering the menu (Tools > Codiga Assistant) as show below.

Codiga menu.

A window appears and you can enter keywords to search for a code snippet. Suggestions appear and you can go back and forth between code suggestions.

Using code snippets

Shortcuts in Jetbrains

You can use Code snippets via shortcuts. Since you all must not be familiar with the shortcuts, press CTRL+ALT+S.

It will open up a cheat sheet with a list of shortcuts. Once you are familiar with the shortcuts, you can directly use them on your IDE.

Creating a code snippet

To create a code snippet, select the code you want to share, click right and select "Create Codiga code snippet".

Creating code snippets

Your browser opens with the code and its language directly initialized.

Code snippets details

Linking your Codiga account

If you want to use the code snippets, you need to link your Codiga account using an API token.


An API token is what you need if you want to start an integration with Codiga. It relies on tokens provided by the user.

Go on the API tokens page and generate a new token. You can create multiple tokens and associate a description to them (for example, if you want to have one token for VS Code, one for your CI pipeline, etc.).

Then, go into the Jetbrains settings, search for the configuration section Tools > Codiga API and enter your API Token, as shown below.

Associated API token

Reporting an issue

You can get help by joining our Slack Community

You can report an issue on the Jetbrains plugin directly on GitHub.