How analysis works

Projects are periodically scanned by the engine. When the engine analyzes the code, it is stored under an analysis. An analysis stores the metrics related to the code.

Analysis Metrics

If you want to read about the analysis metrics, there is a full page dedicated to this topic.

Listing analysis

All analyses are available for your projects under analysis history. This is accessible from the homepage once logged on the right side of the page.

Troubleshooting analysis

This is very unlikely but our tools might have an issue while inspecting your code. All errors are reported on the analysis summary page and indicate what language under analysis had an issue. If the issue persists, please send us an email so that we can fix the problem.

Customize the Analysis Engine

You can customize the analysis engine in the Advanced Preferences section of the project preferences. You can change the following parameters:

  • enable/disable analysis for a particular language
  • the minimum number of lines for a duplicated block of code to be considered as a duplicate
  • the ECMAScript version used to perform analysis of Javascript code
  • the maximum number of errors reported for each Javascript file

False positives

Sometimes, you can notice there a violation is a false positive. You would like to avoid having as many false positive as possible. In order to improve the engine, we added a feature where you can report a false positive.

When looking at the violations, click on the Action button and report a False postive.

Common known problems

Analysis is in error state

If the analysis is in an error state, check your repository address. Most of the time, the address is invalid and our system cannot download your code for inspection.

If the issue persists after checking the repository address, [contact us] and mention the username and the project being impacted.

I cannot use a private repository

If you cannot use your private repository when you are a silver or gold member, check the repository address as well as the username and password.

If the issue persists after checking your repository address and associated credentials, contact us and mention the username and the project being impacted.

I do not have any result

Does your repository contains code that is currently supported? If not, this is totally normal since we do not have any analysis for this language.

Start to check how many lines of code are detected. If there is no language detected, contact us and mention the username and the project being impacted.

Analysis is still shown as pending

Usually, an analysis takes few seconds to few minutes to be completed. If the analysis still shows as pending after more than 10 minutes, contact us and mention the username and the project being impacted.

I suddenly have a spikes of errors

If you have a sudden spikes of errors and your code did not change that much, it might means that we added new rules for your language! Check our blog to check for any new feature we have recently developed! If you think this is a bug, please contact us and mention the username and the project being impacted so that we can investigate.

Metrics dropped in the dashboard.

You might see metrics dropping suddenly in the dashboard. This is very likely that one analysis had an issue, which is very rare. Try to see if that particular analysis had any issue at all (in the analysis summary page): when the analysis has issue, it will not report any data in the backend, causing metrics to (temporary) drop.