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Everything you need to know to use Codiga

Welcome to our documentation guide. Here you can find everything related to Codiga documentation.

Codiga code analysis annotation demo

Static Code Analysis

Codiga works in your CI/CD pipeline and reports error at every code changes in seconds. Codiga static code analysis works on VS Code, JetBrains, VisualStudio, GitHub, Gitlab and Bitbucket.

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Codiga custom rule test case demo

Custom Rules

Creating a code analysis rule from your browser or favorite IDE takes less than 5 minutes. New rules are instantly usable in your IDE or CI/CD pipeline.

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Codiga create code snippet from your IDE demo

Code Snippets

Create, use and share smart code snippets with your team and all developers. Create and find code snippets from VS Code, JetBrains, Visual Studio and Chrome.

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